we seek the creative in the logical

we love going back to school.
it’s the reason why we’re always learning.

The fresh ideas that students surprise you with. The deep knowledge that faculty brings to the table. The exciting collaboration that fuels the next big innovation. At 3DPLM, we understand that you never stop learning. And what better way to do so than going back to school? Our wide-ranging initiatives and deep collaboration with the world of Academia fuels innovation and ideas unfettered by corporate constraints.

our academia collaboration programmes

Being an R&D organization, 3DPLM has been working very closely with the academia world. Through our Academia Connect programs we aim to reach out to students, staff and institutions across the country.

Enrich engineering education in India.

Offer state of the art courses to students and induct new courses in line with emerging trends in industry.

Develop trained manpower in PLM & 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, for industry in general.

Offer exciting career opportunities for students by instilling best in class PLM training.

Re-connect: fueling continued association of the employees with their alma mater.