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Aakruti is an innovation platform to shape your imaginations and bring your innovative designs to life using Dassault Systemes modeling applications.

Theme for Aakruti2017


    Inviting students from all engineering and design colleges to participate and submit their innovative designs.

Aakruti 2017


Through this year's contest we want to extend an opportunity to the student community to put forth all such ideas into reality.

Aakruti 2017 is all about designing SMART Products for

  • Transforming existing products with Future Technology.
  • Smart Products for Specially Abled citizens.
  • Innovative Products for Transforming Rural Eco System.
  • Smart Products for Waste Management and Reuse.

The themes selected for Aakruti2017, are relevant to a large sections of our society. This gives a platform to students from all over India to come up with innovative solutions for not only for longstanding problems but also challenges of tomorrow – both technological as well as social!.

We firmly believe that today’s social entrepreneurs and crowd innovators will make a real difference to tomorrow’s society!

The team will work on a theme of their choice (selecting one theme from the four options) and create an innovative product design using SOLIDWORKS.

The design can either be an improved existing product, a brand new product or a machine or an entire solution architecture itself!

Please note that limited time SOLIDWORKS License will be provided to all teams

Click here for getting Download Instructions for SOLIDWORKS.


The teams will need to submit below mentioned 4 items on or before October 22, 2017.

  • Presentation providing details of design/concept/mechanism behind the design
  • Details of the Design Calculations/Hand Calculations (if any)
  • SOLIDWORKS CAD Model and drawing of the Innovative Design
  • Simulation files/Rendering files

Transforming existing products with Future Technology

Many times while using products or gadgets at home or outside home or at work place, it feels like some additional feature or option would have made this product more usable or more efficient!

“In our day to day life we feel that Products we are using from past days should solve our today’s needs in our House environment as well as in an Industrial environment. To satisfy our needs we need to optimize our products and processes using Innovation with Future technology. Products and processes can be from house or personal usage, from industrial/ transportation/ energy or Environment Safety sector. E.g. Solar canopies, Living walls, optimizing Cooling systems, refrigerators, smart windows etc.

  • Smart products examples..
  • Smart products for Specially Abled citizens –

    Design smart products for assisting our Divyaang i.e. specially abled people’s community to help them in their day to day activities to make their life better. It can be helping them in the kitchen to cook food, reading books, watching and listening Visuals, using social media communications, Writing aids, transport, Finger Reader etc.

  • Divyaang || the story of courage || Short film
  • Accessible India campaign
  • Some gadgets that can help differently abled people
  • Innovative Products for Transforming Rural Eco System –

    Design ideas to empower the rural ecosystem helping farmers and rural community by desiging innovative products for helping them in their day to day activities including agriculture. E.g. Hippo water roller, Portable water pumps etc. The problems may be of different nature, but solutions can be most definitely driven by technology!

  • Smart Products for supporting Agriculture community
  • Smart Products for Waste Management and Reuse –

    Today our community is experiencing lots of issues in waste management in Individual houses, apartments, hoteling, medical systems, industrial systems, bio-waste disposals. We need to find out a good solutions to addressing such problems for waste disposal, cleaning and make the environment clean and comfortable for current and future generation. We can do this by means of Efficient sorting of waste, reducing the amount of time and energy in waste management services, reducing the amount of waste created.

  • Smart Products for waste management
    How do I Submit my model? Judging Criterion:
    • Teams will need to upload the files online after completing their design. They are requested to zip all the files and rename it using their “teamname_team_id” (for eg. if the team name is "Innovators" and the team id is "A123456", then the file name should be "Innovators_A123456.zip". If the file size is too big, it can be split into multiple zip files and named by adding "_part1", "_part2"respectively.

      Details of upload links for uploading the data will be communicated to the registered teams during the month of October.

    • Uploads received after October 22, 2017 will not be considered for the Contest.

    • Disclaimer: Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS may us the images of submitted models for various purposes such as publicity of Aakruti Design Contest in various media.

    • Creativity, originality of design concept.
    • Feasibility of design. Design calculations. Any workable/minimum viable prototype/Minimum viable prototype made.
    • Design validations/Design calculations. Simulations done (CAE / CFD / Kinematic Analysis etc).
    • Modeling, visualization, rendering of the product and modelling design integrity.
    • Product manufacturing feasibility and cost calcustion.

    • Note:
      * A ‘Certificate of Participation’ will be given to all entries passing above basic requirements.
      * A ‘Certificate of Excellence’ will be given to top Ten teams.
      * Judges decisions and results will be final and binding on all.


    • Three winning teams will get total prizes worth INR 2 Lakhs along with lots of other goodies.

    • Top two teams (4 members) will be offered an employment opportunity at Dassault Systemes (* applicable for final year students. Students also need to clear appropriate written test & interview at Dassault Systemes)

    • A trophy for College with 'Most Qualified Entries'
    • SOLIDWORKS CSWA certification voucher for all qualifying entries who are submitting "a brief synopsis" as per their selected Theme.

    • Selected teams will get opportunity to showcase their design at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018 event at Los Angeles. Teams will be selected by SOLIDWORKS EDU Department.

    • Selected teams will get opportunity to participate in SOLIDWORKS Startup Accelerator Program in India. Teams will be selected by SOLIDWORKS EDU Department



    Who Can Participate?

    • Students from all Engineering and Design colleges, pursuing any engineering discipline can apply.

    • All entries are necessarily supposed to be teams. A team should consist of two members ONLY . The members could be from two different colleges and preferably from two different branches.
      “Smart products cannot be created by mechanical engineers alone – need to collaborate with electronics and computer science branches”

    • There is NO limitation on the number of entries from a college. Colleges may send any number of teams to participate in the contest.

    • The teams can be from any engineering/ design college across India. 



    Contest Process

    • Finals will be held at Dassault Systemes Pune on 11th of November 2017.

    • 10 teams will be shortlisted for the final round. Their names will be announced on 31st October 2017, on the website. The teams would also be informed by e-mail.

    • These shortlisted teams will have to present their innovative design in front of eminent jury panel at Dassault Systemes Pune for about 15 minutes on November 11, 2017. The Jury’s questions round will also have weightage while compiling the results for the Top three winning teams.

    • The results will be declared by the jury panel followed by the prize distribution on the same day.

    • All the shortlisted teams travelling to Pune for the Finals, are entitled for a travel expense reimbursement. The reimbursement is for a to and fro second AC train fare, provided they produce tickets. The teams should reach Pune on 10th November 2017. Accommodation for the night(10th November, 2017) will be arranged by Dassault Systemes.

    Note: The shortlisted teams will have to carry their Identity Card/Bonafide Certificate from their college when they report for the Final rounds along with registration e-mail.


    What is Aakruti Contest?

    Aakruti, Dassault Systemes annual design and modeling contest, was launched in 2011. The objective is to reach out to the Engineering Colleges and Universities across India and make them aware about latest trends in the CAD/PLM industry. The purpose is also to provide an opportunity to students to showcase their design skills, creativity & innate talent.

    Aakruti has received tremendous response from all over India in the last 6 years. Each year brings forth a different theme with students surpassing the expectations with their innovative designs and ideas.

    Year Theme Highlights
    • Conservation and Smart Usage of Natural Resources.
    • Divyaang (Specially abled people) and Senior citizens.
    • Futuristic agriculture.
    This year also SOLIDWORKS India collaborated for the contest and the VAR community helped in promoting it. 800+ teams participated. All winning teams were awarded a year’s license of SOLIDWORKS and they were provided with CSWA exam vouchers along with many other awards.
    • Smart Products for Smart Cities
    • Smart Products for Smart Villages
    SOLIDWORKS India collaborated for the contest and the VAR community helped in promoting it. 700+ teams participated. Employment opportunity was given to students of Winning team. All winning teams were awarded a year’s license of SOLIDWORKS.
    • 12 Industry Verticals
    • Participant's current curricular Project Work
    CATIA and SOLIDWORKS are used for modeling. For the first time, professional training institutes also participated. Green advertising was done using social media like Facebook.
    • Self Sustaining Village
    • Smart Public Transport for the Future
    • Eco Friendly Smart Appliances
    • Smart Next Gen Toys
    • Futuristic Energy Efficient Equipment
    • Ultimate Bond Car
    It was a Community Design Contest, which required using CATIA, SOLIDWORKS and 3DVIA STUDIO. The contest was extended to professors as well.
    120 colleges participating from all over India
    • Futuristic Vehicles
    • Modern Architecture
    • Innovative Furniture
    • Engineering Machines and Mechanism
    It was a 3DVIA Studio animation contest, which required using CATIA, SOLIDWORKS and 3DVIA Shape.
    Along with modeling, a PLM Paper Presentation contest was also conducted.
    115 colleges participated from all over India
    • Design for Innovation
    • Design for Environment
    • Design for Architecture

    This was the first year of the contest. 3DVIA Shape was used for modeling.
    108 Colleges participated from all over India.

    To know more about Aakruti

    How to Register

    • All teams will have to register online using the given registration link.
    • Once the team registers, they will be provided with a unique registration code (Team_id) by email within one business day. This Team_id should be used in all further correspondences with Team Aakruti.
    • While registering, the team needs to provide a brief write-up describing the product they want to design.
    • SOLIDWORKS download link and installation instructions will be sent to you once you register for this year’s Aakruti-2017 contest. Students will also be able to use SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation packages
    • Please note that 30th September is the last date for registering your entry for the contest.
    • For any query please mail to contests@3dplmsoftware.com


    Important Dates
    • Last Date for Registration - 30th September, 2017
    • Last date of Design and Model Submission - 22nd October, 2017
    • Announcement of Finalist teams - 31st October, 2017
    • Final Presentation at Pune: 11th November, 2017

    To receive your official SOLIDWORKS copy early, register as soon as possible. This will give your more time to learn and design

    Aakruti 2017
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